HiRISE: Eye in the Martian Sky

Hirise image

HiRISE: Eye In The Martian Sky

Visit Mars!

Come explore the HiRISE gallery and take a closer look at the mysterious and beautiful planet Mars. 

This gallery features a selection of incredible high-resolution images taken by the powerful HiRISE camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft currently orbiting the red planet. These captivating photos show the vast diversity of Martian surface features with stunning texture and color.

HiRISE is a University of Arizona instrument, and each image sent back from Mars arrives at the U of A for processing. These photos of the Martian surface are like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Come learn about this unique scientific instrument and its marvelous achievements.

Things to See and Do

  • Spitzer Space Telescope and Space Shuttle Memory Games - Engage with and play interactive games in the HiRise exhibit to learn more about the HiRise instrument and what it does
  • High Resolution Photos of the Surface of Mars - Marvel at the photos taken by HiRise of the surface of Mars!
  • Program the Mars Rover - Play the interactive game where you must program the Mars Rover