Science at Sunset: The Magic of the Moon

Science at Sunset: The Magic of the Moon

Saturday, June 15, 2024
1601 E University Blvd.
5:30PM to 10PM

During this special evening event, explore the lunar legacies that helped humans reach the surface of the Moon (including the University of Arizona's pivotal role in the space race) and what's on the horizon in terms of long-term settlements on the Moon. Admission includes a special presentation on the Moon, two shows in the planetarium, access to all of Flandrau's science exhibits, special astronomy activities, and telescope stargazing on the UA Mall.

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Event schedule

Moon exhibit at Flandrau

5:30PM - Exhibits and Activities

Explore the Science Center and exhibit activities

Reveal the marvels of the universe through science exhibits and special astronomy activities.

Lunar presentation at FLandrau planetarium

6:30PM - Lunar Presentation

Craters and Chronicles: Unraveling the Story of the Moon

Presented live in the planetarium, this original programming explores the Moon's formation and humanity's amazing journeys to the lunar surface. 

poster for Moonbase the next step

8:00PM - Moonbase: The Next Step

A full-dome adventure into the future of moon settlement

Prepare for a hostile and breath-taking lunar experience in this planetarium show all about pushing scientific and technological advances to the limit. Travelling the 250,000 miles and surviving the hostile and alien conditions of reduced gravity, extreme temperatures, and toxic lunar dust, this show explains the science and technology we will conquer for a successful moonbase in the coming decades. Follow our story filled with awe, danger, trepidation and share the wonder of the lunar environment made for 360 Fulldome format.

People peering through telescopes at Flandrau

8:30PM - Telescope Viewing

Peer at the moon and the night sky with Flandrau staff

From 8:30 to 10PM, we'll have telescopes on the grass in front of our building to point out points of interest in the night sky, including the waxing gibbous moon (weather permitting).

desert moon

8:30PM & 9:15PM - Desert Moon

Discover the role that UArizona played in the race to the moon

Pick a showtime of your choice and head into the planetarium to enjoy this locally produced documentary exploring the University of Arizona’s contribution to the Apollo missions, the space race, and Gerard Kuiper's vital efforts in mapping the Moon for NASA's first landing. Narrated by U.S. Senator and former NASA Astronaut Mark Kelly.